Branding and
Market Positioning

At Art & Science Group we understand that the brand of a university or school is built on the /experience/ of that institution, not merely how it is communicated. Our pivotal concern is how the institution is positioned — differentiated in ways that will actually change behaviors in an institution’s markets. This is the objective of our branding and positioning work, whether to meet enrollment, development, or other institutional goals.

What Our Clients Say


“I thought Art & Science would come in and test a couple of different ideas. But the research findings revealed that we needed to address size before focusing on other initiatives.”

“A&S provided us overarching strategies to grow enrollment. Before we started working with A&S, our faculty thought we needed to grow our SAT profile. The research gave us solid evidence that we needed to overcome our size hurdle and that enabled us to test the water and choose to dive into a different pool.”

“Now we’ve grown enrollment by 20 percent and should reach our goal in a few years. I don’t think I would have been able to drive change without the solid market research A&S provided. A&S really helped us hone in on the major issue we had to address as an institution.”

Robert Wyatt / President
Coker College


“We wanted to understand how to present the College in a way that more strongly markets our distinctions to the kinds of high-ability students we want to enroll at Claremont McKenna.”

“A&S’s enrollment and branding study gave us reassurances that we were doing a lot of things right, identified strengths we needed to build on, and gave us insights into communications issues we were having as well as more substantive issues we needed to address.”

“We had faculty on our advisory committee who were experts in survey research methodology and they were very comfortable with every facet of A&S’s research. I never heard anything but positive feedback from my faculty.”

“I also liked the strong partnership we developed with A&S and the iterative nature of the process. It allowed for amply discussion of the findings and recommendations and how they could be modified or fine-tuned to best serve the needs of CMC and our markets of students.”

Pamela Gann / President and CEO
Claremont McKenna College